You decide on the ceremony you want.  You can select your vows.  I conduct the ceremony at the location of your choice.  It could be the beach, park, your house, hall, etc.  CLICK HERE for Orange County Beach Locations.  NOTE:  Fees and requirements can change at any time.

State of California beaches require a permit even for a 2-person wedding.   Even after you obtain your beach wedding permit, all that means is that there will not be any other events scheduled at the venue on your date and time. You cannot prevent access to visitors at a public site.

Seal Beach

If I want to get married on the beach, do I need a Special Event Permit?
If you have less than 25 people and there is no setup involved, you do not need a permit. If you have 25 people or more, and the ceremony requires setup of equipment, you will need to submit a Special Event application that can be found here. Please call the Recreation Department at (562) 431-2527 ext. 1339 for more information.


Newport Beach Weddings

A special event permit is not required to get married at the beach or a public park in Newport Beach. However, there are a few restrictions. First of all, the beaches may not be reserved – everything is first-come, first-served. Beach wedding ceremonies are restricted to 50 guests or less. Alcohol and amplified sound is not permitted. Summer weddings are not advised since the beaches stay crowded.

Some city parks can be reserved to use for wedding ceremonies. No amplified sound or alcohol are permitted. For more information, contact the City of Newport Beach Recreation & Senior Services Department at 949-644-3151.

Marina Park is an exciting and cutting-edge community and sailing center.
From its sleek architecture and ample play space to its broad recreational and facility offerings on both land and sea, the park is an extraordinary center for fun, family, and community for users of all ages.

Marina Park is located at 1600 W. Balboa Boulevard on the Balboa Peninsula.  There are 177 parking spaces.


Dana Point Weddings

Click here for permit information.  Even a wedding with only 2 people requires insurance at $85 and a $40 park  fee.


San Clemente Beach Weddings

San Clemente is often called Southern California’s Spanish Village by the Sea because of its sweeping views and Spanish architecture. Wedding ceremonies are allowed on all city beaches without a special permit, but the spots are first-come first-served, and you’re only allowed up to 20 guests. Local parks will accommodate 50.

T Street Beach is found at the west end of Esplanade Street in San Clemente and that is why it is sometimes referred to as Esplanade Beach. T-Street is part of the San Clemente City Beach system. It has a safe pedestrian overpass over the railroad tracks from the parking areas at the “T” intersection of Esplanade and Paseo De Cristobal.

San Clemente Pier Beach is the main city beach of San Clemente, California. The beach is a wide sandy spot on both sides of the pier. A large parking area at Parque del Mar City Park provides access to San Clemente Pier and the beach. Street parking is available when the lot fills up


Laguna Beach Weddings

Laguna Beach has been named the best place to get married by too many publications to count. Beach weddings here require a permit from the city and a fee to reserve your chosen spot.
Permit costs from $350 to $450


Huntington Beach Wedding Information

Answers to Your Questions about Weddings on our City Beaches

A permit is required.  Most of the weddings on the beach are small and last about 15-30 minutes. Keep in mind that there are unknown variables such as weather and crowds.  $110 plus $100 insurance